Social Entrepreneurship

Unearthed .....Unearth Your Potential

Track Rhino on foot, live in a Zulu village, snorkel with sharks in the warm Indian Ocean. This is no ordinary course! Build confidence, leadership skills, life skills and design your future on this epic two week social entrepreneurship course. The course involves a range of activities and  a structured learning program specifically aimed at gap year students and young graduates interested in making the world a better place.

The world is changing. The job for life concept is gone. The notion of simply getting a degree to guarantee you your dream job is a fallacy. The world is changing, changing fast. Where will you fit in? How will you make an impression?  Where do you start trying to mould your place in the world? Are you prepared for the modern workplace? Do you have the vision and drive to become a social entrepreneur or to set yourself apart, to add value and inspire in the modern workplace?

“Governments are not equipped to solve all of the world’s problems – nor should they be – and are looking for innovative solutions from the private sector. Social entrepreneurs will play a vital role” ~ Siri Terjesen. Global Entrepreneurship monitor.

What few people realise is that in the modern world, an engineer, an accountant, an analyst, can all make as big (if not bigger impact) on conservation and the betterment of our world as  a biologist or social activist. Providing you have the same basic understanding, skills set, leadership ability, confidence, planning and a vision to make it happen. The world doesn't need more scientists or researchers, it needs more engineers, more teachers, more entrepreneurs who are inspired and equipped with the knowledge to make a difference.
This course is specifically designed to help you find your place, your niche and help you map out  your vision for your future.

The Benefits Of The Course

By the end of this course you will have a set of skills and experiences that will change your life, including:

  • Being exposed to ideas, careers, concepts, challenges and opportunities that you probably never knew existed
  • Gaining a newfound sense of purpose and vision for your place in the world.
  • Nurturing a project from a tiny idea into a viable social entrepreneurship business model or value proposition for a potential employer
  • Developing a clear understanding of what you will need to do to get where you want to go, what skills you need to cultivate and what people you need to be engaging with.
  • Become part of a global alumni of like-minded young people from all walks of life, sharing ideas and working towards making the world a better place

Besides being an incredible learning experience and a chance to develop new skills, self confidence, leadership and time for self discovery. The course is intended to be fun and give you a range of experiences (all with a purpose) ….experiences that you’ll never forget.

  • Spend five days on foot in one of Africa’s oldest wildlife reserves, tracking rhino, sleep under the stars, learn valuable survival skills and the ways of the Africa bush.
  • Snorkel with sharks in the Indian Ocean, no cages. Go night snorkelling and see coral under UV lights. Even learn to surf!
  • Stay in a rural Zulu Village, meet the local headman, help a Sangoma (traditional healer) collect medicinal plants, learn some Zulu!
  • Swim in fresh mountain streams, soak up the warm sun on an Indian ocean beach.
  • Learn useful techniques for tracking wild animals, identify  birds and basic ecology
  • Meet interesting people, from wildlife film makers to wildlife vets, rhino anti poaching teams, ecologists to amazing business people changing the world for the better.
Who Should Attend

Who is this suited to? Well, we say, any young person trying to find their place in the world, everyone has equal potential, they just need to find their passion and focus it in the right direction. The course is ideally suited towards people who want to work in the fields of environmental or social issues, specifically fields addressing the Global Goals For Sustainable Development. These include school leavers or gap year students who are still trying to decide what to study or direction to follow with their lives

  • Graduates who are going to be entering the workplace and want to offer potential employees something unique, who want more than a “job"
  • Dreamers who want to build their own business and leave a positive legacy
  • Young people who are passionate about a cause and want to find ways of following that passion
  • Young people trying to find their place in the world, who are looking for inspiration, ideas, and a chance to blossom into something great
  • Young people who want to help create a better world but don’t know how.
Course Program

The program is a carefully guided mix of theory coursework, practical application and a large portion of incredible experiences, which all ultimately lead to outcomes including:

  • Building independence and confidence in yourself, your ideas and your future
  • Finding yourself, your passion, your driving force and apply it positively in the modern business world
  • Learning to face up and deal with fears and life’s challenges in an effective and positive way
  • Growing new ideas, learn how to take them from idea to implementation 
  • Discovering new opportunities, a range of careers and ways to approach the business world that make a difference
  • Understanding global challenges, see the world from new and different perspectives, learn what is important to you
  • Set goals, design plans, make things happen. A range of diverse career opportunities, projects and initiatives you probably never thought of.
  • Critical life skills essential for survival in the modern world

We run this course throughout the year, please contact us for details of our next course

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