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As a registered public benefit organization, The Wilderness Leadership School can supply Section 18A tax certificates for any donations over R1000 towards our work. Effectively making your contribution tax deductible. All contributions will be acknowledged on our website & social media (unless anonymity requested) - if you would like to partner with us on any projects at a corporate / CSI level, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Alternatively you can make a recurring donation towards our work by clicking the button below or browse some of our more specific projects.

Guide Training Bursaries

The Wilderness Leadership School has provided training for scores of community guides over the years. Each trail we run, directly contributes to community trails and bursaries for under privileged students to attend our three month, residential FGASA accredited guide training program.

Each training course, we get more and more truly remarkable applications for bursary students. These are young people with a passion for nature and the environment, people looking for an opportunity to up-skill themselves and get into a career in tourism and conservation. And we would love to be able to support and work with each of them.

This is where we need your help. For just a small contribution from past trailists and supporters of our work, collectively we can extend our bursary intake for our next training course by two to three people. This may not sound like a lot, but to these individuals, it’s a chance to change their lives and see opportunity for their futures. It’s chance to change the trajectory of someone’s life. A chance to help create the next generation of trail guides, environmental educators and passionate conservationists.

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Women Of Influence

The program aims to develop a group of future female wilderness guides (to date, in 60 years, the Wilderness Leadership School has only had one female guide.) But this program is so much more than just that, it’s about linking individuals to strong role models and mentors who can over time embark on this journey with this group of young rural women and help them reach their full potential, provide them with support, experiences and advice.

The positive links between empowerment of women and conservation as well as socio-economic benefits are well documented. This pilot project will become the foundation for the future roll out and ongoing growth of this network of women across the world, working towards a better future for women in rural areas and a better future for conservation of our wilderness areas. For some this may mean a career as a wilderness guide, influencing the future leaders and decision makers through a wilderness experience. For others, it may mean starting a small NGO in their home community or a micro finance project for other women or running a local environmental education program in their community.

However, it pans out, having a strong support network of exceptional women to help them along this journey makes our chances of success that much higher.

Our vision is for the work of this initial pioneering group of women to be the catalyst for an annual roll out of this model. Potentially creating a global network of exceptional women helping each other, supporting each other and creating a powerful lever for positive change, socially, economically and environmentally.

We would love to have you involved. For more information or to discuss your possible involvement in this project as one of our pioneering women of influence, please contact Cherryl Curry, CEO, Wilderness Leadership School on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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