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Everyone's a student on our Autumn Trails

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Everyone is a student ..... join one of our set date Wilderness Trails this Autumn period in the iMfolozi Wilderness Area at our South African Student rate, even if you're not a student. A chance for a digital detox, to de-stress and just be, sleep under a million stars on the banks of the iMfolozi River with the sounds of nightjars, hyenas and lions roaring in the distance, live in the rhythm of nature for a few days, does any of this make you feel like smiling? We have just what you need! This is hands down the best time of year to be on trail in iMfolozi!

A wilderness trail is not a hike. It is not a safari. It is not a personal endurance test. A Wilderness Trail is a deeply profound experience that is very difficult to articulate. It is a chance to return to your natural habitat. A digital detox. A deep experience of our own connection to the natural world. A chance to re-wild yourself and get inspired by the rhythm of nature. Your experience is carefully facilitated by guides who are arguably some of the best in Africa. Our meals are beyond what you could imagine is possible in the Wilderness. An authentic  Wilderness Trail with the Wilderness Leadership School is unlike any other "trail" experience. Those who have been on trail return again and again. You simply have to experience it to fully understand the power of a Wilderness Leadership School Trail. 

Find out more about the trail experience here.

Costs: The cost for these five day scheduled trails is our student rate of R7700 per person and only applicable to South Africa residents (even if you're not a student!) and valid for the specified dates only

Costs Include: The trail costs are all inclusive and includes;

  • Return transport to the iMfolozi Wilderness Area from Durban.
  • All meals of an excellent standard - see here on what to expect, we have no baked beans, two minute noodles and bully beef type food on our trails. All our food is chosen very consciously, organic and free range where possible and we avoid environmentally harmful products as far as possible.
  • All park entry fees and overnight fees.
  • All trail equipment, backpacks, sleeping bags etc... we will provide you with a packing list for items of a personal nature to bring with.

Trail Dates:

  • 18-22 April 2019 (Falls over Easter Weekend) Fully Booked
  • 27 April - 1 May 2019 (Falls over 2x Public Holidays) Full Booked
  • 25 May - 29 May 2019 - only 2 spots left 
  • 10-14 June 2019 Fully Booked

Max 8 people per trail. Minimum age for trail is 16 years old.

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