CEO's Wilderness Challenge

Business leaders helping create environmental leaders, sustainable livelihoods and hope for Africa’s Wilderness areas.


Eight woman leaders. Five days, on foot, under a million stars, in one of Africa’s oldest game reserves. No phones, no watches, experience true Wilderness. Commit to creating a lasting leadership legacy.


Challenge yourself to make the time to reconnect with nature and self.  Challenge your peers and employees to find innovative ways to raise the funds required to create a platform for young woman to achieve their potential.


Funds raised will be used to empower a new generation of young woman in the guiding industry. Training and mentorship of a new generation of wilderness leaders and ecotourism entrepreneurs 

About The Wilderness Challenge

Wildlife crimes & poaching in our wilderness area are driven by poverty. Through our social entrepreneurship model, we can change this, we can create opportunities for communities to add direct economic value to wildlife through responsible tourism.

Our goal is to raise R750 000 to directly fund the training and mentorhsip of 10 woman owned tourism guiding businesses. 3 of the trainees will also be selected for a further intensive 3 year program to become Wilderness Guides, an industry typically dominated by men, in our 60 year history, the Wilderness Leadership School has only had one woman guide .... we want to change this.

The Wilderness Leadership School is a registered NPO and PBO with over 60 years of conservation and leadership development legacy.


The Wilderness Experience

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.” ~ Alan Alda

Experience Africa away from the crowds, venture into the iMfolozi Wilderness area on foot, where access is strictly limited; there are no roads, just ancient paths carved by the hooves of infinite antelope, no infrastructure, just endless open plans, meandering rivers and dramatic scenery, you will not see another soul for days, just you and Africa the way it has been for millennia. An experience where Africa opens up to you, the sense of place can be overwhelming, where your experience of Africa’s wildlife is on foot, where you tend the campfire at night and sleep under a million stars.  Your days are spent without any deadlines or limitations of time. You could choose to sit on the edge of a cliff and watch a herd of elephants walk by below for the entire day or you could explore around the next river bend in the hope of encountering Rhino, Lions, Wild Dogs. It’s entirely up to you.

The experience is more than seeing wildlife; it’s about being embedded in Africa, about leaving the craziness of the modern world behind and for a few days living like many generations before you did. For some, it’s a life changing, deeply spiritual experience, for others it’s about reconnecting with nature and themselves, whatever the outcome, it’s an experience few get to have and fewer ever forget.

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